What Not To Wear

What not to wear – and I still wear it!

Do you ever have crazy days? You know, when you wanna dye your hair pink (which I’ll probably do someday..next week) and wear ridiculous heels and BOUNCE like Iggy Azalea. Ok, now I just got lost in my wild fantasies. But you get the idea? I’m having one of those days. What Vibrator Should I Buy My Girlfriend / Wife?Except I don’t have any heels at my flat cause I dropped practically all my nice stuff like clothes and shoes at my dad’s when I broke up. But oh well, it’s my last week here at our ex love nest so maybe I will do a few days more without heels.

But yeah, let’s get back to business. What my craziness turned out cause was some clothing choices that are not really recommended to girls with boobs like mine. I bought this crop top at Zara for 15 € and I just love it. I wanted so bad to wear it with my cropped vintage Levi’s but couldn’t find them either. Well, I promise to send you an edited version of the outfit next week on Twitter. You’ll find me@2cakesonaplate!(I have to admit that I wanted to put it on the sidebar but not have managed to do it yet, SOME HELP, PLZ???)

Til now I have tried to censor myself and keep my clothing choices less provocative and appropriate for a DD+ girls but fortunately there are these days when I just don’t care. It’s important to give yourself a break sometimes and just let go of all the rules. Like my fellow blogger Brittany said:Who makes these rules anyway? I hate the attitude that you should not wear something cause someone tells you that you look too provocative/fat/curvy/flat/thin in it. It’s like you’re not right for the society in something particular that you wear. Which is not true.

Ok, now I started to talk about the modesty topic again. But yeah, this is a day when I don’t give a heck about wearing something that might not suit me. Indulge yourself and take a day off too.

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I agree with you and don’t at the same time. While reasons like “you look too provocative” aren’t good reasons to tell someone not to wear something (what if they are ok with looking provocative, or their standards of modesty are s bit different from yours), there are also facts. Short legs do look shorter in ankle strap shoes, busy prints do hide body imperfections much better than solid colors, etc, etc. Obviously, it is up to the person to pick what they wear, but the rules of general esthetic still apply. If the person in question seeks advice on what will look good on their body type, the advice is out there. Whether or not they agree and follow, is really their business alone. I am always struggling with dressing my short-waisted body, and this is a major pain in the behind. Extra Powerful Vibrators find that a lot of the “rules” that are out there for people like me don’t actually work on my body. I have developed my own set of rules that I follow whenever I shop for myself, and I don’t really care what the book advice is.

And by the way, I think you look great in this outfit, not sure why this is supposed to be against “rules”? I am probably blissfully unaware of the rules!

I know there are basic rules that are just there to help which is great but sometimes a small rebellion against them is not that bad 😀 There are loads of rules for bigger busted gals and I just hate it when I go shopping and feel like there is nothing for me that would suit my body type and be fashionable at the same time, sigh… However, why I chose to show you this particular outfit was cause my body type is top-heavy which means me + crop top = a box and two sticks effect. I have a really small butt and narrow legs which means that in a crop top my upper-body, which is wider than my lower body, looks even bigger and wider. Plus I don’t have a waist so crop tops should be a big no-no 😀

Oh, forgot to mention – I have got the exact same shorts as you! Down to the color! Love them and wear them all summer long both in and out of the house 🙂

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